10 Must-Haves For Pet Owners

You become responsible forever for what you’ve tamed.” We all know this quote from The Little Prince, although many pet owners tend to forget what it means. You need to provide shelter, food, and comfort for your furry friends, but there’s much more to that. If you want to become the most thoughtful owner, you will need some special items, too. In this selection we offer you absolute must-haves for pet owners, check them out!

1. Pet Feeding/Drinking Bowl

Of course, you need to feed your pet special food according to their health and needs, as well as do it at the right time and in the right amounts. Yet what’s also important is the bowl you use for food and water. It should be made of safe materials that don’t poison the food/water, as well as be comfortable for the pet to eat/drink from. These stainless steel bowls are ideal for that! Perfectly safe, convenient, and easy to clean.

2. Collapsable Pet Food/Drink Bowl

What’s more, you need to provide food and drink to your four-legged friends when you’re on a walk or on a trip. For this purpose, we highly recommend this collapsable bowl! It’s very compact and can even be attached to the leash or harness; easy to pack and unpack.

3. Pet Collar Leash

Speaking of walking your pet… The comfort of your little friend highly depends on what equipment you use. The leash should be of appropriate length, the collar and the harness should fit your pet comfortably. This set will be perfect for any dog, as you can choose among the sizes. Moreover, it’s strong enough for even the most active of dogs, yet still soft to be comfortable for them!

4. Pet Paw & Claw Cleaning Cup

Once you’re back from the walk, you need to solve the ‘dirty paws’ problem. This cleaning cup right here is your best friend in tackling this issue! Soft bristles will clean all the dirt from your furry friend’s paws, all in a very fast and hustle-free process. The two sizes available ensure that no paws will be left dirty!

5. Pet Heat Mat

Worried that your home might be too cold for your pet? This heating mat is here to help! Thanks to its smart design and quality materials, it absorbs and reflects your pet’s heat, keeping them warm even on the coldest of days.

6. Pet Cooling Mat

And what about when it’s too hot at home? We got you on this, too! This cooling mat works in a similar way: no electricity needed either! It will absorb your furry friend’s heat and keep them cool and comfy on hot summer days. 

7. Pet Traveling Bag

We also have great ideas for those who love travelling with their pets. Not only that this bag is made in extremely cute designs, but it is also very comfy for both the pets and the owners. A strap and a handle ensure a convenient way of carrying it, netted sides and a little window allow fresh air to come your pet’s way, as well as give them the opportunity to observe the journey. 

8. Outdoor Foldable Pet Cage

In case you're looking for a lighter solution, here is a great pet cage. Foldable design ensures easy storage, while netted sides serve as windows for your cat or small dog. Moreover, you can unzip the sides to turn them into ‘doors’!

9. Wireless GPS Smart Tracker

A thoughtful owner should take their pets’ security very seriously. This is why we recommend that you get a GPS tracker for your cat or dog. This way, you will always know their whereaboutseven if they’ve wandered far from home. This one is made in the shape of a paw; such a cute design can serve as a nice accessory, too!

10. Dog Frisbee

Finally, it’s essential that you play and have fun with your pet. We have a great idea for playtime for dog owners—with frisbee, of course! You can play it just the two of you or with your whole family; in the yard or in a dog park; endless fun is guaranteed!

Of course, the list of pet owners’ must-haves can be endless, but we believe that with these items, your pets will become even happier. If you want to treat them some more, feel free to visit our website and check other great pet supplies.