Pet Hydration: how much is enough?

Did you know that the average range of water as a ratio of body weight in healthy adults is between 40 – 70% depending on age and sex. With most cats and dogs this is approximately 80%! As we move into the warmer summer months, it’s a good time to assess your pets’ daily hydration levels.

Here are 5 tips on keeping your pets hydrated this summer

  1. Always give your pet access to fresh water. I usually have a bowl in two different rooms and when in a new place, I show him where his water bowl is
  2. Always carry water with you when you go out with your dog for extended periods of time. Some breeds require more water than others so be aware of that. Check out our range of travel friendly dog hydration bottles here.
  3. Take a break on hot days and rest under the shade to allow your dog time to cool off and catch its breath. Some breeds or puppies will just go all day without stopping and not realise they are getting dehydrated
  4. Add water to your pet’s food. My dog doesn’t drink much water, and this is a cunning technique I use at mealtimes to hydrate my dog.
  5. Provide ice cubes or frozen treats during summer to hydrate your dog. I freeze some chicken broth or stock in ice trays in the summer and give this as an afternoon treat. My Dog loves it!

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