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Richard Simpson, CEO of Gotta Get Limited LLC is a third generation Kiwi (Born in New Zealand). After 5 years at University he left NZ to travel to UK where he worked for a large international firm and quickly learned commerce at the grass roots.
Over the next 30+ years he engaged in manufacturing, imports, exports, marketing and everything necessary to develop successful enterprises. Continuing to work past retirement age he has decided to try e-commerce which lead to the formation of Gotta Get Ltd, LLC.
Sourcing products globally has enabled us to offer the complete ranges of goods in chosen categories that we are proud to offer on the following pages.


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Our Team

We are a team based in Auckland, New Zealand, myself with 40+ years of experience in supply chain, running businesses across the world, ably supported by capable marketers, technologists and supply chain specialists. 

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85% of our products are manufactured and shipped from USA within 5 days of ordering. The balance of products are sourced from Asia where shipping can be extended out to 8-10 days from date of order. All goods are tracked (you will be advised of a tracking number and can look online to check progress)

Thank you for shopping at Gotta Get, we trust you enjoy the experience and be delighted with your purchase.

Our Promise

When you order from Gotta Get, you get great quality products shipped to your door. Our guarantee is to satisfy your needs with your chosen product or you can return them and get your money refunded.
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